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  • Deeply analyse our client needs and the company structure. Define the recruitment for which we are starting our assignment. To be able to fine understand the context of our search, we must also know precisely market players and in what they are different from our client.
  • Build a precise and clear contract that includes all the information we extracted from our meeting.
  • Put appropriated searching tools and filter candidates before initiate the interview with the consultant in our offices. We only use direct approach to get in touch with our candidates (except if our client wants another solution).
  • Prepare detailed and confidential files for all short-listed candidates including their professional background, their evolution wishes, a precise analyse of their personality, and a personal position of the consultant on their adequacy to the opportunity.
  • Accompany our client and our short-listed candidates during all our assignment, then during negotiation when necessary, and for the integration period of our placement.